Saturday, July 11, 2009


so the bad news is i have tonsillitis and tendonitis. but the good news is i have tonsillitis and tendonitis NOW and not later. my life, which has been strictly regimented for the past couple of weeks in order to get prepared for rehearsals, is currently filled with relaxation. and i am not complaining.

i also want to announce that i have a twitter! well, i already had a twitter but the username made me feel so unprofessional. as a result, i created a brand new account . . . only to find out that i could have just changed the handle on the old account. i was pretty embarrassed. anyway, HERE IT IS. and to the four people who are following this blog at the moment: thank you!!! i hope this hasn't been extraordinarily dull.


heytheremeranda said...

Haha it hasn't been dull, I like to read and see people have to say! I hope all is all and I can't wait to see you soon in Spring Awakening!

Take Care,

Jessica said...

I can't wait to hear more as rehearsals start and everything takes off: it'll be an awesome inside view for the rest of us. And, by the way, I am almost frighteningly excited to see what you do with the character of Moritz.

peace and ease.

Anonymous said...

Oh, believe me, the followers will be coming soon! I love reading your posts to see what's happening, and I'm really excited to see you in the Spring Awakening tour, which is a rarity for me because I usually have a hard time separating a character from its original actor.