Wednesday, July 22, 2009


well, i've arrived. and am already having a blast. the current tour cast and crew gave the newcomers a very warm welcome. everyone has been so friendly and fun, in fact, that i am already feeling a little sad about the handful of actors who will be leaving in august!

rehearsals have been so surreal and so ... sweaty. i cannot believe how quickly we are moving through the show. this friday, kayla (swing, u/s wendla and ilse), ben (ernst), john (adult man), and i will be doing a run-through of the first act! speaking of kayla, ben, and john, they are the greatest - charming, kind, hysterical and ridiculously talented. i feel so lucky to be working with them. i'm also pumped to spend the next year with them and, of course, with the original cast members who are staying on board.

i know there are so many other things i wanted to share but all that i can think of is "bitch of living" choreography.


griffen alexandra said...

can't wait to see you in the second leg of the tour!!! happy rehearsing :)

Irene said...

Welcome to the cast!
Now I have another reason to watch the show again :)
But that might be a while away. Dont' think i'll be traveling to the states any time soon. But best of luck to you and the rest of the newcomers. :)

- Irene from Guam

Jessica said...

Completely enthralled. Can't wait for the new cast, I'm sure you'll all be amazing!

Katherine said...

Congrats Taylor!
Ever since the first day of Global class freshman year when you said that you wanted to be a dinosaur when you grew up, but would have to stick to musical theater for now, it was obvious to me that your acting, singing, and dancing would definitely take you places!

Have an amazing time on tour, and represent Elon well!